#CabernetDay 2011, we will be (t)here!

In one of our blog’s back in March this year, we wrote “Never think that a duck on water is doing nothing”. We knew a lot was coming in 2011 but we were struggling to control our excitement whilst trying to maintain the necessary confidentiality around a couple of important things that we knew would shape the future of Paradise Rescued. Well those things are slowly, steadily and successfully happening and we are very close to telling you about a couple of positive announcements. But the big news this week is bigger and we felt more important to share.

Through our contacts and networking across the social media, we have been very kindly invited by Anne-Victoire Monrozier of Miss Vicky Wine and co-founder of Vinocamp, the French Alliance for Wine and Web to participate and take a lead role in #CabernetDay 2011. What an amazing honour! #CabernetDay is a global social media event to recognise (and promote) Cabernet wines (Franc and Sauvignon). We will be the first official Franco-Australian participant.

It is our plan for the day to present a webcast – night time from Australia to lunchtime in France. We will be looking to provide details for anyone who wants to join in, listen or participate. As part of that webcast, we will officially be announcing the name of our beautiful 2010 Cabernet Franc wine, which is now bottled and safely stored in Bordeaux, awaiting labelling, packaging and export to Melbourne. There will also be a special #CabernetDay blog and plenty of promotional social media activity. We hope you can participate in some way.