Bordeaux Wine boss positive on Vintage 2017

Paradise Rescued owner David Stannard in his Bordeaux vineyard

Paradise Rescued owner David Stannard in the Cardan organic vineyard during harvest time.

The European grape growing season that was 2017 has now carved itself into history. And generally it wasn’t a great write-up! The weather was challenging (late frosts, hail and mini heat waves) and overall wine volumes were down. Bordeaux was a similar picture. This week we spoke to David Stannard owner of certified organic wine producer Paradise Rescued about his reflections on this vintage. Overall this Bordeaux wine boss is positive about vintage 2017.

“Bordeaux 2017 was certainly a very challenging growing season.” commented David “And it required a lot of skill in the vineyard together with some good fortune from the weather in the location of our terroir.”

“We were fortunate on both fronts” continued David “Our small terroir reasonably close to the River Garonne somehow afforded us some protection from the severity of the double late April frost events and hail at the end of August. At the same time, the organic viticulture skills of our small team in Cardan played a significant part in helping our vines get through the worst effects of those weather events. Rapid plant by plant vineyard intervention and vine health management was critical.”

Pascale Bervas - vigneronne at Paradise Rescued Bordeaux

The organic architect behind the transformation of the Paradise Rescued Cardan Bordeaux

“Whilst we saw quite large differences in grape sugar levels at harvesting due to the overall heterogeneity of the growing season, we are very impressed with the overall balance across our small vineyard parcels.” says David “As always from Paradise Rescued, the fruit is very forward – but more so in 2017, the colours are stunning, the phenolic ripeness is good and there is beautiful balance between acidity, alcohol and residual sugar. Overall I believe our customers will be well pleased.

“We have carried a lot of work in our vineyards over the last five years, particularly with respect to the health of our soil and improved drainage” reports David “We can see clear steady improvement across the last five years directly related to the hard work we have undertaken. As always, good wine is made from great fruit produced in a great vineyard. It starts right there.”

“If I taste across the last four years, 2014, 2015, 2016 and now 2017 make a very impressive line-up of Bordeaux varietal Cabernet Franc and Merlot CabFranc blend wines and successfully reflect what we have been trying to achieve in sustaining the vineyards and village in Cardan. No longer a ‘Cabbage Patch’!” concludes David. “Don’t write off Bordeaux vintage 2017. Whilst I agree that 2017 was very challenging and yes, vineyard location was a key factor in terms of potential weather impact, there will be a lot of excellent wines produced. And proudly with Paradise Rescued among them.”

Cabernet Franc fruit Paradise Rescued

Good wine comes from great fruit that grows in a great vineyard.

Clearly a Bordeaux wine boss very positive about vintage 2017!

Paradise Rescued was certified organic in 2017. They are one of Bordeaux’s leaving new wave of producers and one of less than ten winemakers who passionately produce and promote a full varietal Cabernet Franc as well as the more traditional Merlot CabFranc blend for which Bordeaux is renowned.

Paradise Rescued is the 2016 International Business Award Silver Stevie winner for Small Budget Marketing Campaign.

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