Blog #100 – Baby business to Brand !

Welcome Blog number 100 – well done Paradise Rescued!! In a world where more 50% of all companies fail within two years and today’s new idea is tomorrow’s trash, we very pleased to be writing this 100th blog. And prospering!!

At the same time, it is great to have a small laugh with ourselves and look back at the first blog from April 17 2010. I remember writing that not long after we started our first season in the vineyard, with a big vision (as the blog records) and what seemed like a good plan but no real knowledge if it would all work. 100 weeks later, the vision is stronger than ever (perhaps more so), what we wrote in that first blog has happened and the magic of #Cloud9 #CabFranc has been created. A vision and dream has become a business. In addition we have added a second block of land and project #Merlot to produce a special new wine has begun…..

However I have noticed one big change in both Paradise Rescued and in myself! As an engineer, I think facts, problem solving, production and figures. Exciting stuff? But that was before we had our fabulous logo. Now I see everything through a different lens. As the logo moved from the design office to our business cards, web site and everyday use, the change started and the realisation dawned that we were creating something more than just a small sustainable wine business – brand Paradise Rescued was born. 2 years on, we look at things differently. Although our vision hasn’t changed (a revision is almost complete), almost everything we now do goes through the “brand test”:- does this fit with and enhance our brand? How does this sit with the values of our organization, ie the brand?

We have found – by good fortune – that our name, logo and even the name of our first wine #Cloud9 have become reasonably well known in a short space of time. Social Media marketing, the use of this weekly blog, Facebook, Twitter and our web site have all contributed to that reputation. Even if you misspell Paradise Rescued on Google, we still get found – that’s powerful. This is something we value, guard jealously with pride and very much want to carry forward and enhance into the future. The quality of our product starts with our lovely wine, but it will never finish there.

Happy Birthday Blog! Love your Brand, Mr. Engineer! We do…