A great start to 2011, inspiration in our winery

Welcome to 2011. Paradise Rescued wishes all our readers, fans and team good health, happiness and every success in the New Year. Make your dreams come true!!

The year is off to a great start! Firstly, it is fantastic to be back in Cardan and see the amazing work that our team has carried out over the last few months. The vines are taking a hard earned rest. The real magic has happened in the winery. The wonderful wine aroma as one enters is amazing. The barriques have just been filled and the malolactic fermentation restarted. The winery is organised, the main vat is now empty and there are 8 full barrels in total, arranged equally on either side of the room. The small vat contains enough juice to top up each barrel as “the angels” take their share (through evaporation). The result is very impressive.

I somehow never imagined that anyone would want to actually come and have a look at our winery – it never crossed my mind!! But today, our first two visitors came for the “guided tour”. Brilliant – thanks Laurent!!

We cannot wait until Monday for our meeting with Pascale to have the first taste of the beautiful wine that she and Albane have created. We will bring you the report….