Cloud9 100% Bordeaux Cabernet Franc

Cloud9 2010 Cabernet Franc was fermented and macerated in a single stainless steel vat with daily pump over and pigage for up to 15 days before racking and pressing of the marc. The malolactic fermentation was held until the wine was run off into one-year-old hand selected oak barrels. After eight months of oak maturation, the wine was re-assembled back into the vat prior to bottling and temperature controlled storage.

The 2010 Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc Cloud9 is a fine elegant fruity wine in the true Bordeaux Cabernet Franc tradition in this excellent vintage. The colour is a classic Cabernet Franc light bright red with an elegant nose of red currant and cherry finesse. The taste is smooth, with gentle tannins and increasingly beautiful integrated oak complexity. The flavour lingers gently but long on the palate. An excellent aperitif or food wine to serve with white meat, stronger fish dishes, pasta and mild cheese.

The wine is called Cloud9 – where else would you want to be if you were in Paradise?

Try a Cloud Taster Bottle today – sorry only available within Australia at the moment.