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Why Join Club Paradise Rescued?

First and foremost, we’re all about ensuring you get to enjoy our award winning wine… part of the journey is sharing great ways to enjoy wine, with cheese, with a meal, overlooking a vista complete with sun setting at the end of a good day.  How can we help you get the most out of every drop? Let us share….

Paradise Rescued wines and book

Paradise Rescued – an award winning brand with medal winning wines and best selling story.

– Tips on what food to eat with your wine

– Knowledge about our wine, but also wine in general from around the world

– Ultra exclusive specials on our wine and other products  (Access sent to all club members via email links)

– Go behind the scenes at our certified organic Bordeaux niche winery

– “Hang out with David” online – a new initiative starting soon, which connects you with other club members (wine enthusiasts) online.


Learn how to drink it, what to drink with it, where it comes from, and few of the grape secrets behind fine French Bordeaux Wine!

*This is a FREE Ebook – just join our Club and the link will be sent to you…


David Stannard Founder Director in the Paradise Rescued vineyard.


“Welcome to Paradise Rescued. Come behind the scenes with us into our organic Bordeaux vineyard, winery and world of wine. Meet the people and community sustaining the heritage of our village of Cardan. Share in our Mission Vision and Passion. Participate and engage with us and like minded members of our Club. We look forward to having you as a Club member.”

David Stannard, Founder Director Paradise Rescued


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