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Welcome to our Paradise Rescued family

David Stannard – Founder Director Paradise Rescued


Welcome to Paradise Rescued. Become a part of our family, a Paradise Rescued member and come behind the scenes with us into our organic Bordeaux vineyard, winery and world of wine. Meet the people and community sustaining the heritage of our village of Cardan.

Share in our Mission Vision and Passion. Participate and engage with us and other like minded Paradise Rescued members. We look forward to welcoming you as a Club member.

David Stannard, Founder Director Paradise Rescued

Why Join Club Paradise Rescued?

Paradise Rescued was founded with and around our community in Cardan, Bordeaux. We want to share our unique story and experience of creating, developing and operating an organic winery and sustainable business with as many people as possible. And when you share a glass out bottle of our wine with your friends, we hope that you will also pass on that experience.

As a member of our Paradise Rescued family, you will receive:

  • A copy of our “Top 10 Wine Tips” book to download. Just join our Club and the link will be sent to you…
  • Tips on what food to eat with your wine
  • Knowledge about our wine and also wines from around the world
  • Our member only exclusive specials on our wines (as advised via our email subscription newsletters)
  • Behind the scenes news at our certified organic Bordeaux niche winery and vineyard.

Become a member and part of our family today!