About Paradise Rescued

Our History and Heritage

Paradise Rescued is a small wine business based in Cardan, Bordeaux France and Melbourne, Australia. Our objective is to produce a high quality French red wine for export and sale into the USA and Australia.

Paradise Rescued was created out of two of its’ owners’ dreams: firstly to protect the beautiful land and area in which they live in SW France and secondly to produce a high quality handcrafted “microcuvée” wine.

When land close in front of their property became available for potential urban development, the time to put their dreams into action had arrived.

Our terroir

The heart of Paradise Rescued is a half-hectare block of land in the centre of the village of Cardan, Gironde, France. This block, Hourcat Sud, currently contains some 1,000 Cabernet Franc vines as well as a small section of different table grapes. The “terroir” is principally a very soft clay typical of this “right bank coteaux” area of the River Garonne and is particularly suited to producing forward fruity soft red wines.

Our Vision, our Plan, our Values

Our values are:-

  • Quality and Excellence
  • Continual Improvement and Innovation
  • Openness and resilience
  • Sustainable Development

Our aims go beyond financial criteria and include the protection of our environment, the safety and health of our team and the well-being of the community where we do business.

In so doing, we want to maintain and pass on to future generations the beauty of this piece of French paradise.

Our Vision, which is our initial business plan, can be seen here. It clearly indicates the directions we wish to take, centred around our values and focused on producing a high quality low volume red wine in Cardan for export and sale into the USA and Australia.