We hope you are on Cloud9…Merry Christmas

And here we are! Again! Writing the last but one blog of the year… as always the shortest but most pleasurable one!

Next week, we will share our thoughts on what an amazing year 2013 has been, our exciting goals for the New Year and why this is such an important thing for us humans!!

But in the meantime, from someone who never does “downtime” as there is too much fun happening everywhere, maybe even I will take a couple of minutes to kick back and enjoy Christmas.

Taking five minutes to reflect on the last year is however important. But most of all, to recognise so many people who have supported, helped and encouraged Paradise Rescued over the last 12 months. We now have more customers, more fans, more business partners…but as always just one wonderful French community to inspire us and fuel our Mission. To everyone reading this message and those we haven’t yet reached but would love to have as part of our extended family, we thank you for the incredible support throughout the year. What you do and what we create is unique! And we love doing it with you!

Have a very merry safe and happy Christmas with your families, friends and loved ones wherever. We hope you are on Cloud9! Thank you and enjoy!