Vision: What YOU see, is what YOU get!

What you see is what you get! That’s right. It sounds like a corny line from a family quiz show doesn’t it? But it actually hides a very important life lesson for us all. Either as individuals or as part of an organisation.

Paradise Rescued owner David Stannard in the Cardan organic vineyard during harvest time.

We have all been brought up to believe that that we have to see something first in order to believe that we can have it. How often do we hear other people (or maybe ourselves from time to time) say “I’ll believe that when I see it”. Think carefully for a moment and you will see that if that phrase was actually true, then the human race would still be living in a cave. We would never have believed that anything better was possible.

So in actual fact, if we want to develop and achieve new things, we have to be able to (mentally) get a picture it first. And then if we can believe and maintain that picture for long enough, our brains take over almost in autopilot to bring it into reality.

It is generally accepted that as human beings, we have five primary senses – Sight Hearing Feel Taste and Smell. As witnessed by the success of social media and the now daily widespread sharing of images, sight is an incredible powerful if not the most important sense we have. Wikipedia provides us with a useful definition that sight “is the capability of the eye(s) to focus and detect images of visible light. Our brains capture those images in our visual memory, readily storing those it likes and using them subconsciously to remind our conscious brains of what is available and to draw us towards that goal.

As we are bombarded every second of the waking day with visual images, our brain has to work out which ones are the most important and require action. This filter unit is called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). If we can place a consistent compelling future picture – a Vision – into that filter, we can create a powerful trigger for taking action. We will in effect be drawn on voluntary “auto-pilot” towards that future state, image or vision that we want.

Ok, I hear you, but I am not brain surgeon! So, here’s how to shortcut the process and ensure that indeed you do get what you see.

Paradise Rescued Vision 2020

The Paradise Rescued 2020 Vision

Create a Vision. Create a physical picture of what you want to see, happen, achieve, become! And draw it in colour onto a piece of paper – using any other images you want to describe what your future or your organisation’s future will look like. Try to fill it with lots of passion or emotion type images of that future you want.

Put that image somewhere prominent in your home or workplace. Then look at it every single day, letting your brain adsorb the image and place in your RAS filter. As you go about your daily life and our brain is bombarded by millions of images, the RAS filter will immediately focus on those opportunities which will pull you towards your Vision and trigger your conscious brain to take the next action step to get there.

At Paradise Rescued, our business tagline reads “Mission Vision Passion”. At the core of what we have achieved so far and what we will achieve in the future, as well as what we have been already recognised for with our medal winning wines and Stevie International Business awards, is our Vision. As I sit here at my office desk writing this blog, our Vision is right in front of me.

Paradise Rescued book, medal winning wine and international business award.

“It’s Not About the Dirt” by David Stannard with the medal winning Paradise Rescued wines and Stevie Business Award

As American leadership writer and successful entrepreneur Napoleon Hill wrote in his best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich”: “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” What you see, is what you get!

Read more of the Paradise Rescued story, how our Vision was built and deployed in David Stannard’s book “It’s Not About the Dirt”.




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