Sunshine, “petits pois” and the value of having values.

What a joy – to see the Tour de France, the beautiful French countryside and – even better news – the sunshine. What a wonderful country.

There have been a few challenges in the last two weeks!! Our efforts to register the wine as a Bordeaux Superior did not succeed – at least for the moment!! We need a registration number for our patch of vines. The Customs authorities would like a face-to-face meeting with us to see all the legal documents. This is a little difficult when living in Melbourne. A very large set of forms has now arrived in the post!!

The design and conversion of the garage into a winery is under pressure. A scope of works is complete and we are now designing the equipment ourselves. A huge challenge – there are sometimes advantages in being a chemical engineer!!

We have really learnt the value of having values as part of our business vision. “Openness and Resilience” have been very useful assets in July for Paradise Rescued.

Pascale reports the “bunches of grapes” are now “petits pois” and with all the warmth and sunshine, she has started to cut back the tall shoots, as they grow very tall. All very positive in the vineyard.