Paradise Rescued releases its brand logo.

Paradise Rescued is proud today to launch its wonderful brand logo. The amazing vine and trellis design has been developed by Tricia Wiles at Sweet Graphic Design and selected from a number of potential logos by our friends in France, UK and Australia. Paradise Rescued is very very proud and pleased with the result and look forward to fully utilising the logo as we develop and promote notre brand.

I will be flying up to Brisbane this weekend to meet with Tricia and finalise plans for the roll-out of the logo. I also hope she will be give us a few thoughts and comments so that we can publish them in a blog next week and give her the credit she deserves for such a brilliant piece of work.

The full Paradise Rescued web site is our next goal. Watch out for – it’s coming…..

Click on Sweet Graphic Design in our Facebook favourites to see more of Tricia’s great work.