Many thanks – Merry Christmas

I have just had the pleasure of writing our final end of year letter to our Club Paradise Rescued members around the world. We are truly very fortunate to have such a kind group of people who want to support our mission and love our wine plus what we do.

Bordeaux winter vineyard panorama – the view across the Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc vineyard towards the 12th century Cardan church.

In that letter, I took the opportunity to reflect over 2017 and pick out a couple of Paradise Rescued highlights for the year for our Club members. At the winter solstice every year in a vineyard, the year ahead looks long but rather short on the season just past.

2017 was very much that sort of a year. Every week had a stress point – frost, heat waves, torrential rain, hail and the usual “will they ripen or will they rot” game called harvest. But after it’s all over and the grapes have become wine and are sitting safely in vat, it’s much easier to look back and be objective about what we learnt and what we did well.

There are two real big highlights for my money in 2017. And both this year come from our Cardan Bordeaux vineyard winery. It is no surprise that our first big highlight for the year was the Organic Certification of our vineyard, winery and wine business. In a world that is increasingly focussed on saying, wishing or hoping they are ‘organic’, achieving certification after four years of preparation, qualification and demonstrating compliance to a European standard is a big recognition. It’s also very much a statement about our committment to sustainability.

Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard with their Organic Certification.

Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard with their Organic Certification.

The main benefit however can be tasted in the ongoing improvement in the quality of our vineyard fruit and resultant wine. Which brings me to highlight number two. Season 2017 and the resulting Vintage 2017. Some good fortune was needed to avoid the worst of the late April frosts, intense short heatwaves or end August hail storms. No one was immune in Bordeaux this year. But only the best technical producers were able to turn such challenges into a positive. Our initial wine development and tastings are very encouraging.

Both highlights reflect the work of our vigneronne / operations leader Pascale Bervas, who with the technical support of Albane Bervas, our organic viticultural adviser and winemaker, has created a vineyard / winery operation of such incredible quality and value.

Which gets right to the heart of this blog. To our amazing team Paradise Rescued, thank you. No matter how big the challenge, you took it to another level at every opportunity. In our vineyard, in our winery and across our sales and marketing network, you made it happen.

And to our customers, fans, Club members and brand ambassadors worldwide, I also add my sincere thanks for your support.

Merry happy safe Christmas.

This time next week next week, we will be starting a new year. And do we have news to share with you… watch our blog, join our Club for all the action first hand. May all your CabFranc’s be red and your Christmases be white.