Let’s forget those NYE Resolutions

Happy New Year from Paradise Rescued

Team Paradise Rescued wishes everyone a happy healthy prosperous New Year.

So we all did the family thing and behaved ourselves over the Christmas festival! Well done. And now it’s the end of the year and time to really let ourselves go, drown away whatever happened in 2019 and get merry with the possibility of what could happen in 2020. And in a moment of over enthusiastic merriment, we do it! We make some rash ill thought out proclamation (known on this one party night of the year as a resolution) to whoever is listening that we will achieve something amazing and…. ummm! Let’s forget about those NYE resolutions.

This whole process of NYE resolutions is absurd but just watch how much we do it? It’s a very neat way for us all to avoid any proper accountability and commitment to a real decent achievable goal or two for the year ahead, let alone some meaningful personal development.

So, now that I have upset half of our readers, let’s get a couple of steps in place….. for those who really want to see some positive things change in their life during 2020.

Firstly DO NOT (yes that’s in capitals) give any serious thought to committing to something significant in your life in, on, before or during a party on December 31st or the day after. Why? Because I reckon there is a high probability that you will not even remember what you were thinking of.

If you seriously want to see some changes happen in the new year, then you need match that wish with some serious thinking time. At the end of the process, the dialogue and thought process with yourself is where the real change and decision making process occurs. You need to create quality time with yourself to allow that to happen.

Secondly a quick throw away comment or broadcast to your happy friends is not going to create any real (mental) enduring leverage on you to follow through on your desired change. You need to do more. You need to have a plan and it needs to be written down. You need to put in some quality time and effort if you want to get a valuable result out. The “writing it down” bit is important. You can no longer laugh off the change you want, you have to commit. Writing it down helps achieve that accountability. There is less chance of walking away from it after the event. The biggest challenge is the human mental one – changing our internal. If we want to do something different or become someone different, then we need to change the thinking that got us to where we are now.

Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard shares his three step process for making your 2018 a success.

Write down those goals and a step by step plan to achieve them.

And then thirdly, go to work on those new goals every day. Our new goals are rarely achieved through one step change process. It requires consistent daily effort in changing ourselves and making many small courageous alterations.  

Look at your goals and plan on a daily basis. I usually write about and encourage everyone to convert their goals and plan into a picture – a so-called pictureVision that you can look at every day.  This provides a mental reminder and top-up of what the future desired outcome looks like and reinforces your internal goal seeking mental technology.

And finally be patient. Very patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day – as the saying goes – and neither is your future. You will have bad days, weeks, maybe months. Persist and never give up.

You can do it. To everyone, I wish you a Happy Healthy New Year. But first let’s get forget those NYE resolutions please!

For more details on how to create your pictureVision and set a compelling path for change, pick up a copy of Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard’s NEW third book “Let’sGet Visual”

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