Community Sustainability is OUR Mission

We have been very taken over the last couple of months with Simon Sinek’s work, book and the concept of “Begin with why”. We loved even more the idea that Sinek uses of “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it!”. That really rang true about what we do at Paradise Rescued. Or more specifically why we do it!

Even in winter! The view that inspires Paradise Rescued and our Mission.

Even in winter! The view that inspires Paradise Rescued and our Mission.

Everyone always thinks that our drive and passion comes from a love of wine and desire to create an amazing wine. And I have to admit that love of wine is a great benefit when you own and run a winery! But it’s not at the heart of why Paradise Rescued does what it does.

Our “why” is very different! Our why was created from our history. As the tsunami of housing development in our village looked to sweep down the slope towards our house and on towards both Hourcat Sud and Hourcat Centre, we either had to act to save and preserve the heritage of our part of the village or leave town!

We chose to stay.

And the name Paradise Rescued and its Mission was born:

Our mission is to protect the heritage of the beautiful village of Cardan, France, sustain its rural community and to hand produce high quality organic wines.

Beautiful Cabernet Franc from the Hourcat Sud block.

Ripe Cabernet Franc from Hourcat Sud block. Failure is not an option.

And since we posted that on our website in 2010, we haven’t changed it even once! Our reason for existence is very simple. If you stand on the road between our neighbours houses looking west across the Cabernet Franc vineyard of Hourcat Sud towards the 12th century church on the far side of the valley, it is all vey clear.

I challenge anyone to stand there with us and not reach the same conclusion.

The mission therefore is to do everything possible for our community to maintain that centuries old piece of magic. And preserve the heritage as well as sustain the rural community that goes with it. Making great red wine for export is our vehicle to achieving that goal.

Failure is not an option. The sustainability of our community is OUR mission