Our Team

The proprietors

Maggie, David and Lauren Stannard are the owners of Paradise Rescued. They have owned their property in Cardan since 1992, the same time as they moved to work in Australia. Maggie has a background in accounting and junior school teaching assistance, Lauren is about to become a fully qualified contemporary dancer and David is a chemical engineer, running a petrochemical plant, when there is nothing else to do.

Pascale Bervas – Vigneron.

Pascale has transformed an essentially “dead” piece of land into a reborn part of the ecosystem, where plants, insects and wildflowers co-exist. She looks after every vine with loving care and attention as well as every step of the winemaking and maturation process.

Albane Bervas – Winemaker and Vineyard Organic Adviser

Albane Bervas has an Honours Degree in Viticulture and Winemaking from the Engineering University of Changins, Nyon, Switzerland. She is currently the Advising Engineer for Agrobio Gironde, a Co-operative organization advising, consulting and facilitating the conversion of agriculture to organic methods in the region. Albane is both our advisor in the vineyard and our winemaker.

Tricia Wiles – Graphic and Marketing designer

Tricia Wiles, owner of leading Brisbane design house Sweet Graphic Design has been the inspiration and creator of the Paradise Rescued logo and subsequent artwork and brand development. She has tertiary qualifications in photography and graphic design and was in the Royal Australian Air Force before starting her own successful business. admin@sweetgraphicdesign.com.au

Sarah Goldblatt – Web Site Designer

Sarah Goldblatt is a successful freelance Web and Multimedia consultant. She has an impressive portfolio of website developments in both Australia and across Europe. She has been responsible for producing this amazing website. Sarah has tertiary qualifications in Social Policy and Administration, Information Technology and 3D Computer Graphics. www.sarahgb.com

Sue Gregory – Strategy “Coach”

Sue Gregory, CEO and owner of Healthy Outlook, specializes in helping organizations and individuals develop high performance cultures and achieve their full potential. Healthy Outlook has worked with many leading Australian organizations. Sue was the catalyst in establishing the initial Vision and Business Strategic Plan for Paradise Rescued as well as integrating the fundamental values of Sustainability and Organic production. www.healthyoutlook.com.au

David Clingin – Market Development

David Clingin is currently Business Development Manager for a private Occupational Health and Safety software / data company in Melbourne. David has strong mastery of the e-media benefits to marketing and continues to generate idea after idea for the future sales and brand development of Paradise Rescued wines.

Nathalie Costa – Photographer, France

Nathalie Costa and her beautiful family live virtually on top of the Paradise Rescued vineyard in Cardan. Her regular photos taken whenever she has a free moment from her job as a medical surgery office manager have powered the popularity of our Facebook site.

Our suppliers

Winery Equipment

Ets Leveque et Fils have co-ordinated and supplied all of our winery equipment. Their service is second to none, always on hand to recommend better alternatives, techniques and follow up with on site installation. Christian Leveque, Eliane Bouvier – you are the best!!