Would you ask your dog to help set your New Year goals?

This is the final blog for 2103. I hope all our readers had a wonderful safe and enjoyable Christmas with your families. And similarly that it was it a great time to reflect on the last twelve months of what has happened and what learning has come from it. Of course the New Year celebrations are next on the list. Will they be celebrations, are you looking forward to 2014 or are you simply wishing that the New Year will just all “come good” by accident?

I love you too Dad! But choose your own goals - don't follow your dog's example!

I love you too Dad! But choose your own goals – don’t follow your dog’s example!

Strange and frivolous though it may seem, but as the photo suggests, I am siting here with Mr Muffin the family dog! I love my dog a lot – he is a good mate! We are having a “chat” about the coming months and what his priorities are. If he had the ability to communicate back to me, his priorities would be based around his next meal and a warm secure place to live in – I think! He’s a dog, right? And I would reassure him that I can give him that no matter what. In human psychology terms I believe that this what we would describe as Level 1 on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Wow, hold on I hear you say….we’ve gone from a dog’s next dinner to some abstract philosophy about human psychology. Yes, we have and I want to make the stark contrast between a dog’s needs and ability to think versus those of human beings.

Muffin is a pretty smart dog but even a smart dog doesn’t have the mental capacity to appreciate the difference between one day and the next, let alone years. His goal is just to get the next meal. Sadly for too many humans in our world that may also the main goal! However for a good number of us, we want to know how to do more, realise important things and help others with our lives. And simply wishing and hoping that it will all happen because a new year has arrived and we have “selected” some resolutions over a glass of champagne at five minutes to midnight on December 31st is plain delusion and denial! Sorry that’s tough but true!

You can choose your route and direction for the year ahead. Decide now, make a plan!

You can choose your route and direction for the year ahead.                            Decide now, make a plan!

As humans, we have the mental power to create a plan for tomorrow, to bring more meaning to our lives and live at a higher level. Mr Muffin does not! But the sad part about most of us humans is that although we have that potential to live at that higher level, we choose not to!! And by that I mean we decide not to make those decisions – and remember a decision “not to make a decision” is still a decision. The purpose of this blog is to showcase the point that we can choose a different year ahead and we humans can decide on the direction that we want it to take by setting some goals for ourselves. If this was a business meeting and we were talking about the year ahead, we would have targets, plans, KPIs, timelines, everything decided. Suddenly when we fall back into our own private world, we live by a different set of values! How weird…. Almost none of us would say that our business plans were more important than our personal year ahead, would we? Yet we make better plans at work than we do at home! Please explain!!

Time for a change, time to realise what we want to have happen. Time to get a plan, get some goals and get something in motion! Let’s go, let’s make a difference…

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