#WineTips6 – Big producers

//#WineTips6 – Big producers
The Global big wine producing countries

The global big wine producing countries

So which country is the world’s largest wine producer? Well it is a close competition again between the two European wine lovers, France and Italy. And the winner in 2010 was France but with a rapidly declining margin!

In figures published by the US based Wine Institute, in 2010 France produced a staggering 4.6 million litres of wine, just ahead of Italy with 4.5 million litres. Both countries production rates are falling with France having lost more than 11% of its production in the 4 years to 2010.

In third place is Spain followed by the USA, Argentina and Australia. The final three named countries, so called “New World” wine countries have increased wine output over the period to 2010 but that growth trend has started to reverse in the USA and Australia due to global oversupply pressures. The top 6 wine producing countries make up 67% of the total world wine production!


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