We love our community! Vive Cardan!

The Mayor of Cardan, Denis Reyne and our community

                    The Mayor of Cardan, Denis Reyne and our community

What a wonderful surprise! I wasn’t even 24 hours back into Cardan Bordeaux and I got the news that our community was holding its annual summer picnic party. I have never been in the village at this time of the year so I was poorly prepared and apprehensive about what the format would be.

The request was to bring something savoury or sweet to share (I choose both!) and some drinks. After a rapid rush to Cadillac to organise some suitable food, a quick visit to the cellar for the wine, it was off to the foyer rural (village hall) to see what would happen next!

This was more than just a quiet picnic! Our community is a special place! What I thought would be just a quiet drink and snack with friends turned into an amazing 5 course meal around an extended table for 40 people. And almost a Paradise Rescued harvest team reunion! It was fantastic to catch up with all our friends, fans and local team. Plus also an opportunity to engage further with our community and invite even more people to participate with the project and join the harvest in October.

Harvest CabFranc 2014

Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc Harvest Day 2014 – a partnership with our community

The business world uses the word “community” a lot, mostly in the hope that it will soften the perception of their full-on commercial competitive approach and hence make them more appealing to their customers. In tomorrow’s sustainable world, we will need to do more than simply supply nice platitudes about how we think we should be perceived. We will need to embrace a different approach built upon mutual trust, supported by deeds not just nice words.

For Paradise Rescued, we are looking for a win-win outcome, where both community and small business get the benefit. We look forward to Harvest day(s) 2015 when we can jointly celebrate the results of our partnership. I can’t think of a better community in which to have our business. Vive Cardan – our village, our community, our home!

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