Want different results? Get a different picture!

David Stannard Founder Director Paradise Rescued with the 2016 Silver Stevie International Business Award.

David Stannard Founder Director Paradise Rescued with the 2016 Silver Stevie International Business Award.

I am just about to board the plane from Melbourne to Sydney where I am honoured (and excited) to have been asked to speak at the 2017 TXM LEAN Consulting / Best Practice Network OPEX Summit. Concurrently I will also launch my new book “It’s Not About the Dirt”. After successfully managing all logistics – with a positive expectation that I haven’t forgotten anything and the bags will arrive – I am starting to zone in visualising my presentation.

I love collecting short phrases and quotes as I travel about and listen to other people’s stories and their success. They all become a foundation for future talks or even another book. In my business card wallet, I come across a card with some scribbles on it – that more closely resemble a spider’s web than English words. I obviously was standing somewhere when I saw something of interest and captured it (very) rapidly. I get my best code breaking skills to work…

At the top I have written RAS – my shorthand for Reticular Activation system. I smile. That’s critical and I will be sharing that for the first time in the presentation tomorrow. RAS is the super powerful “automatic app” that we all carry in our brains that can differentiate between what the brain wants to see / hear / feel / taste and what can be discarded as unimportant.

The next spider scribble seems to say – “What you see is what you get.” That relates well to my presentation topic of creating a compelling business or personal future entitled “Let your (picture)Vision pull you through.”

The third line was the hardest to decipher but possibly the most powerful. It reads “Want different results? Get a different picture.” Wow, that’s powerful. The key to so much of our success (however you and I want to define it) sits with the future picture that we hold in our head of ourselves. And it’s that picture that our RAS uses to decide which information to allow into our minds.

So if we don’t like that current image and we want to change it, then we can. And the best way to make that change happen is to:-

  1. Design and draw our own (picture)Vision of the future – what we want our lives or organisation to look like.
  2. Put that picture somewhere prominent where you will look at each day.
  3. Take a few seconds every day to look at that picture. Talk about it.

Now available – David Stannard’s new book Its Not About the Dirt

Then watch out for a few changes to start to take place as your RSA and mind gets to work on filtering in the opportunities that you are looking for and rejecting all the “stuff” that you used to adsorb. But please be patient; this is not an overnight process. Significant organisational and human change can take a long time. But at least you will have a clear picture of where you are headed.

So if you want different results, get a different picture. Get a (picture)Vision.

Read and learn how you can create that different picture – your (picture)Vision – in “It’s Not About the Dirt” by David Stannard, Founder Director of Paradise Rescued now available in both paperback and e-book format on Amazon.

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