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A new day dawns  - how it looks depends on how you look at it!

A new day dawns – how it looks depends on how you look at it!

I just couldn’t help myself this week! There it was on Thursday morning in my Inbox; my daily leadership coaching inspiration blog from The Pacific Institute Winner’s Circle. They are always good, but this one entitled “Changing from the Inside Out” was the best.

The blog was talking about the human psychology of change and how imposed change or external change rarely succeeds. All of us or any number of us can change can change in an instant – if we choose to. If we don’t make that choice ourselves, ie internally, and hence notionally reject the change it becomes.

The “light bulb moment” or key line for me was when they wrote “…we think ourselves into behaving. Our thoughts create our beliefs, and our beliefs cause our behaviours.” This is an important construct to understand because if we really get a good hold of it, we can quickly understand how we can make change happen. If we want to do things differently, it starts from within our own minds. And if we believe we can, or we believe we can’t – yes, we are absolutely right. We have that power of self choice. Every time!

"Light bulb moment" - your internal thinking determines your future

   “Light bulb moment”? Your internal thinking will determine your future

The blog went on to consider the power of changing “the picture in our heads” that we all have about ourselves, our future and beliefs. Which is why Paradise Rescued keeps going on (and on!!!) about the need for us humans to get a Vision of what we want our lives or businesses or whatever to look like. As soon as we can believe it, as soon as we can get that clear mental picture in our minds, then and only then can we can start to achieve it. The inverse does not apply – we can’t start doing something (unless everyone else is already doing it, in which case it is really just the “norm”) without first seeing it in our mind’s eye.

And how do we get a vision? Start thinking and then writing or better drawing those thoughts onto paper to capture the future as a picture. Then put that picture somewhere that you will look at every day. Bit by bit, you or the organisation you lead, will be drawn towards that image that was first created in your mind.

Once you have that Vision, your beliefs and then your behaviours will change. Results then flow. All great Visions start within (someone’s mind) – why wouldn’t it be yours?

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