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Pascale working hands on with the Cabernet Franc vines

  Pascale working “hands on” with the Cabernet Franc vines in Cardan

I am often asked “How do you always find something new to write about every week”? After 4 years of consistent weekly blogs, writing becomes easier and easier! And quite simply, when you have a talented team focussed on making a better product and brand, there is always something new to write about. Change and continual improvement are standard at Paradise Rescued. Which makes the blog real fun too!

This week’s news comes from our vineyards in Cardan. To be more accurate from our vigneron Pascale’s desk! Our application to begin certification as an organic vineyard and wine producer has been accepted, vineyard and winery inspected, paperwork signed and stamped! You have to be careful how you read this as it doesn’t mean we are certified now; it means that we have signed on to complete a 3 year long programme and if we succeed (and trust me, we will!) we will receive organic certification and be permitted to use the certification standard on our bottles and in our media. Effectively we have to demonstrate (and maintain thereafter) that we have followed the organic viticulture rules and standards for 3 consecutive years of so called “conversion”. In effect we have followed this organic standard for each of our four production seasons since commencing as an active vineyard operation in 2010. The only change now is that we will actively record our treatment data and practices which are then assessed, monitored and audited in order to receive certification.

Brand Paradise Rescued - front and centre

Organic viticulture is part of our brand commitment to sustainability

So in reality, no big change, more of a extended commitment to take our vineyard and business to the next level of professionalism as well as re-affirm our commitment and values around organic production. Being an organic producer is not a marketing gimmick. True – it may be a benefit in the long term. But it is part of our values and commitment to a sustainable community and business that is important. Organic viticulture is no shortcut option. It requires a lot of persistence, greater vigilance in the vineyard and a significantly greater level of personal care with each vine. However the rewards are wonderful: a better approach to sustaining our environment, a positive relationship with our community, healthier vines and of course better fruit / wine.

Organic viticulture and wine making is our ongoing value, commitment and passion. Part of the core of our business.

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