Vine2Wine – Bordeaux, do all good vintages end with a 5?

It hasn’t been a deliberate blog silence from Cardan Bordeaux for the last few days; more of a matter of “no time left over” with two harvest days, wine making operations and the usual steady list of improvement projects to undertake.

Of course, the big question on everybody’s mind is: “Will Bordeaux 2015 be a good vintage?”

Two full boxes of Cabernet Franc grapes from the Paradise Rescued Hourcat Sud block in Cardan Bordeaux

Two full boxes of Cabernet Franc grapes from the Paradise Rescued Hourcat Sud block in Cardan Bordeaux

It is always much easier to generalise about this topic than to be specific. And in a wine region the size of Bordeaux with more than 8,000 producers, not everyone will have the same opinion. Plus it is way too early to be certain about the outcome. But, putting all caveats aside, there are some good indicators.

At Paradise Rescued, we go to great lengths to stress the requirement for producing great fruit in our vineyards – it is part of our core strategy. If the grapes are not good, if your effort and management of one’s vines and land is not adequate, then it cannot be corrected in the winery. Which also helps to explain why climate and annual seasonal variation is so critical in determining the success of a wine vintage. A vigneron can only work with nature and grow the best fruit that a particular season allows. And only the most skilful vignerons are able to produce great fruit in a difficult year.

In and around the vineyards of Bordeaux, the talk is all about the number 5! Why? Because many of the recent good vintage years end with a 5 – like 1985, 1995, 2005 and very likely 2015. And what makes those years so good? The main factor is the weather that Mother Nature delivers.

Compared to particularly the last three vintage years, 2015 has been very different. Lots of sunshine and good light from early on in the season have been major factors in this vintage. Most of the comments and feedback are very positive this year. The potential for some good wine is strong.

A new B1ockOne 100% varietal Bordeaux Cabernet Franc is born.... its bottle awaits

A new B1ockOne 100% varietal Bordeaux Cabernet Franc is born…. its beautiful bottle awaits

And for us here in Paradise Rescued? As per Bordeaux, the season was generally good and the harvested fruit overall clean and healthy. In the winery it has a nice feel and taste so let’s hope that we can make some excellent wine to build on our recent Cabernet Franc and Merlot successes.

And maintain that Bordeaux tradition of the number 5!

If you want to follow the evolution and progress of our 2015 Paradise Rescued B1ockOne Cabernet Franc as well as our Old Vine Block Merlot, join Club Paradise Rescued by hitting the link here and receive the news first.

One B1ock. One Vineyard. One Wine.

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