Time to say thank you Team! Happy Christmas

Just following on from last week’s “Q&A” blog, one of the other popular questions I get asked is: “How do you make this all work? The winery is in Bordeaux France, you sell this beautiful wine in the USA and Australia… and yet you live in two locations and are always travelling?”

This is a complex difficult question but with a very simple answer: Paradise Rescued is a great team.

Different ages, languages, cultures - all excelled in the success of Team Paradise Rescued in 2015.

Big smiles all round from Tricia Wiles and Laurianne Castaing. Different ages, cultures all excelled in the success of Team Paradise Rescued 2015.

Now quite naturally I would say that as I am the leader and if I don’t have a good team, then there is only one person to blame if it isn’t as good as it should be!! That’s it, you go it – the buck starts and stops with the leader! And I am always amused, but saddened at the same time, when I hear a leader / CEO / GM use words along the line of “If only I had a better team, we could do so much better….” It’s the role of the leader of any organisation to go find great people, align them to the organisation’s Mission and Vision as well as create the environment and attitude within in which they can excel. If you don’t like what you are doing and where you are going, then change it – right?

New boy on #B1ockOne - Wags #WineDog fitted right in. He loves a good grape crush!

New boy on #B1ockOne – Wags #WineDog fitted right in. He loves a good grape crush!

We also need to recognise that different people have different talents and skills. Paradise Rescued succeeds because we work with and partner alongside outside organisations that bring different levels of excellence and passion to what we already have as a small company in order to deliver our Mission and Vision. If they all look alike and have the same skills as myself, it would be very messy and average.

Which explains why when we come to the end of another successful year, I can sincerely thank our amazing vineyard and winery operations team in Cardan, Bordeaux – the 2015 wines and vineyard progress has been stunning! Thank you Pascale and Albane.

Our brand image and portfolio has gone from strength to strength. I love our logo more every day – thank you Tricia at Sweet Graphic Design.

Our marketing agency partners Foundations Marketing Group have held true to their word as we start to make B1ockOne Cabernet Franc available for sale in the USA. Let’s not forget the book marketing team who are poised to make a huge difference in 2016 too!

To our special community and supportive neighbours in the village of Cardan, you are always there ready to help when something needs urgent attention or grapes need picking. Every day, we get to maintain that view across the vineyards to our 12th century church. Without your passion and commitment, we could not succeed.

To our many contractors, distributors we appreciate the support. Club Paradise Rescued is twice as large as it was at this time last year and I am certain that with our books and USA sales in 2016, that number will grow further. You are our fans, family and customers continually providing feedback and encouragement. We love that.

I hope you are all as proud of your achievements as “your boss” is. We found the gems that everyone else missed!

Albane and Pascale took Paradise Rescued vineyard and winery went to a completely new level of excellence again.

Albane and Pascale lead the Paradise Rescued vineyard and winery operations to a completely new higher level of excellence again.

Thank you Team Paradise Rescued. I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas. Cheers!

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