The Need for Vision

Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc - the result of our vision and passion.

   Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc – a big vision achieved

It was a great honour and pleasure during the week to be asked to speak to the Association for Manufacturing Excellence Australian branch in Melbourne on the title subject “The Need for Vision”. And to share some of the Paradise Rescued journey and story alongside a tasting of our 2010 Cabernet Franc, which continues to mature so beautifully.

One of the messages that we shared with this group of leaders was that us humans are teleological beings – we are goal focussed and driven. And therefore, the bigger brighter clearer and more strong the goal is and the more often we can put that goal in front of the team and leaders empowered to achieve it, then the chances of realising it are dramatically increased through the natural laws of human psychology.

I borrowed Skip Ross’ famous phrase from his Dynamic Living Seminar “Get a clear mental picture (of what you want), fill it with emotion and drive on”. And one way we can all help the process is to translate that mental image from our minds onto paper – effectively “painting our Vision”! And then if we can review and look at that painted picture every day, our sub-conscious processes will draw us bit by bit every day towards that goal or Vision.

Our Paradise Rescued Vision for 2020. Bit by bit, it is coming together.

Our Paradise Rescued Vision for 2020. Steadily and carefully, it is coming together

Our Paradise Rescued vision is posted s part of the blog here. An A3 photo version of it hangs on our office walls in Melbourne and Cardan Bordeaux. An A4 paper colour copy lives permanently in my Paradise Rescued business case with a copy of the annual business plan on the reverse. If I have a spare moment here and there, I will look it and refresh the passion to make it happen.

So to summarise our presentation and message: think about what it is you want to see happen, create your own mental vision, make it into a picture, put it in a place where you will see it often and let your brain get to work. Watch out for results. The only word of caution would be…. be careful what you wish for, because it will happen!

We all have a Need for Vision. And some passion to pursue it!

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