Team Profile: Tricia Wiles, Sweet Graphic Design

Paradise Rescued has been incredibly fortunate with the people we partner and work with. I am still not sure whether we find them or they find us. Maybe a bit of both? Either way, the results have been amazing and so powerful across all of the areas of our brand and business.

It’s probably worth remembering that a niche brand wine business is a lot lot more than just making a special batch of wine and selling it to passionate drinkers. The brand development component in particular requires an equal if not greater amount of creative input as viticulture and wine making.

Tricia Wiles with David Stannard at the launch of the Paradise Rescued launch - Brisbane 2010

Tricia Wiles with David Stannard at the launch of the Paradise Rescued logo – Brisbane 2010

And a huge part of the credit for the creation and development of brand Paradise Rescued must go to Tricia Wiles, Founder and Creative Director of Brisbane based Sweet Graphic Design. We have been working with Tricia since deciding back in 2009 to make Paradise Rescued a fully sustainable and commercial activity. In our initial enthusiasm to develop a label for our potential wine bottles, it was Tricia’s wisdom and genius that took us down the road to designing our brand logo. Back then we didn’t look at it as a “brand” – it was just a wonderful logo. But it was that creation of something so beautiful and inspiring has slowly but ultimately driven us towards developing a wonderful micro brand. Tricia has brand responsibility for the development of all our labels, corks, packaging, media and merchandise.

Tricia’s skill and talent extends beyond graphic design and a strong eye for branding excellence. Prior to qualifying as graphic designer, Tricia served 10 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as a photographer. The combination of photography and graphic design has given Tricia a unique, creative and powerful set of skills and insights into brand design.

Tricia Wiles on location in the Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc vines

Tricia Wiles on location in the Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc vines – Cardan Bordeaux 2014

Over the recent harvest period in Cardan Bordeaux, Team Paradise Rescued has been fortunate to work alongside Tricia in our vineyard, winery and business. Our fans and customers have been very fortunate recently to see just a few examples of her amazing work that have presented every aspect of our brand in new high quality photos and potential posters. Watch out for more of her co-branded work  across all our media going forward.

A key component of our brand is our strong visual presentation through photography, great design and the use of our logo. This is a very specific approach inspired by the natural beauty and location of our vineyard and Cardan village. Thank you Tricia Wiles and Sweet Graphic Design for being an integral part of that plan.


Paradise Rescued logo - White-on-Black


PS – Author’s Note! The Paradise Rescued brand logo is now a registered Trade Mark, subject to final regulatory approval. We will be writing more about this in the near future.

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