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#WineTips34 – Chardonnay

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  Chardonnay is one the world’s most widely planted and best known white wine grape varietals, used to produce both still and sparkling white wines. Originating from the Burgundy region of France, where it even has a village of the same name, Chardonnay has spread across the world and is grown in all wine-making regions

#WIneTips33 – Corked Wine

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There are a number of flaws or faults that can make a wine unpleasant to drink. A “corked” wine is a fault that we hear talked about a lot but one which is experienced less and less frequently with the greater use of capsule closures and significantly improved cork closure technology. What do we mean

#WineTips28 – Terroir

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12th century church overlooks the Bordeaux Paradise Rescued terroir “Terroir” is one of those seemingly mythical words that a winemaker or vigneron often uses to magically sum up why their wine has a particularly nice and different taste! In reality every vineyard, orchard, garden vegetable patch has its own unique terroir! Quite simply terroir is