#WineTips 4 – Vine Canopy

By | March 29th, 2013|#WineTips, Cabernet Franc|

#WineTips 4 - Vine canopy The canopy of a vine is everything that you can see above ground, starting with the trunk and then the cordons, stems, buds, leaves, flowers and fruit. The management of the canopy by the vigneron is critical in order to achieve the best health and vigour possible for

Vine2Wine: The Perfect Vine? Double Guyot system

By | May 6th, 2012|Cabernet Franc, Vine2Wine|

Three weeks ago, in “From Vine to Wine”, we talked about the opening weather for the season and made mention of the detailed work that Pascale had put into pruning the vines and making them ready for season 2012. This week we are proud to release our latest “In the Vines" video which gets up