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Vine2Wine – Cloud9 2013 Bouncing forward now..

By | July 15th, 2013|Sustainability, Vine2Wine|

A bunch of young green CabFranc grape berries in the Hourcat Sud vineyard It has been a remarkable two plus weeks here in Cardan and I thought we would  take a couple or more blog posts to explain what's happening in each if the vineyards. Miracles do  happen and vintage 2013 may be

WineTips #20 – Biodynamic

By | July 6th, 2013|#WineTips|

WineTips #20 - Biodynamic The philosophy of biodynamic farming was developed by Rudolph Steiner in the early 1920s.  Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that emphasizes the holistic development and interrelationships of the soil, plants and animals as a self-sustaining system. The Biodynamic approach  also embraces the interrelationship between lunar and

A Bordeaux Glass: well more than half full!

By | June 29th, 2013|Cabernet Franc, Marketing & Media, Sustainability, Vine2Wine|

Cloud9 revisits his the CabFranc vineyard Hourcat Sud. You have heard us talk several times previously about the need for a vision and the critical role it plays in any organisation and its future. When well communicated, deployed and maintained it is the beacon which draws an organisation forward towards the successful

Attitude is the Difference Maker!

By | June 22nd, 2013|Cabernet Franc, Learning, Marketing & Media, Sustainability|

John C Maxwell - The Difference Maker Since the next three weeks are shaping up to be a series of Vine2Wine reports from Cardan, Bordeaux for our fans, and seeing as I am travelling for 29 hours before I arrive there, it seems reasonable to talk this week on personal development and leadership.

#WineTips16 – Hand Picking

By | June 20th, 2013|#WineTips, Cabernet Franc, Marketing & Media|

Hand picking B1ockOne CabFranc grapes in Cardan Bordeaux One of the success keys to producing great wine is to start with the best fruit possible. That makes sense! In a typical vineyard due to microclimatic variations, different flower set times and dissimilar grape and bunch health, not all the fruit is evenly ripe nor healthy

Bags bulging for Bordeaux!

By | June 16th, 2013|Cabernet Franc|

View from the Hourcat Sud vineyard towards the 12th Century Cardan church It’s an amazing time to get back to Cardan, as we approach the longest day of the year. Long warm days, short nights and masses of time to make things happen! In short, we can’t wait to be back in Bordeaux.

Vine2Wine – Fast forward to summer!

By | June 9th, 2013|Cabernet Franc, Vine2Wine|

It’s always great to be back writing a Vine2Wine blog post again and sharing the news from Cardan with you. When we last wrote some lines from the vineyard, we were all excited with the prospect of what spring was about to deliver! Well let’s fast forward….                   The Cabernet Franc vines in Hourcat

Sam Cawthorn – Happiness starts with you!

By | June 1st, 2013|Learning, Sustainability|

                            Sam leads the chorus on his guitar I am on the long flight back from Perth, where I was privileged to be asked to chair an Eventful Group Mainstream reliability engineering leadership conference with some of the best global minds and leaders in that field. It was a brilliant double event and

#WineTips13 – Closures

By | May 31st, 2013|Marketing & Media|

Paradise Rescued Cloud9 CabernetFranc BTEC technical cork A bottle of wine needs a closure to prevent rapid oxidation and facilitate transport. The three main practical systems currently employed worldwide are closures (stelvins), synthetic corks and “real” corks. They work in different ways and deliver different outcomes. A stelvin screw top closure creates a

Grape Moments: Brand building in Brisbane

By | May 26th, 2013|Learning, Marketing & Media|

Last weekend up in Brisbane and the two days that followed were so inspirational and motivating for brand Paradise Rescued that I thought it would be worth briefly sharing with you as this week’s blog. Firstly the weather was divine….4 days of clear blue skies and 25C sunshine. I love that! This blog really continues