Grape Moments – Incredible Bordeaux Wine

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Paradise Rescued B1ockOne Bordeaux Cabernet Franc 2010 Until now, we hadn’t really produced sufficient vintages to justify carrying out a proper “vertical” tasting of our Bordeaux wines – that is a tasting from one year to another of the same wine, brand or vineyard. As we come of age – 2015 was our

Vine2Wine – Magic Merlot Miracle

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Last week we brought you the update on Cloud9 Cabernet Franc. This week we will look at Merlot! The Hourcat Centre story is a modern Magical Merlot Miracle! It is less than two years ago that we were lucky enough to be able to purchase the Hourcat Centre block comprising a 1/10th hectare block of

A Bordeaux Glass: well more than half full!

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Cloud9 revisits his origins...in the CabFranc vineyard Hourcat Sud. You have heard us talk several times previously about the need for a vision and the critical role it plays in any organisation and its future. When well communicated, deployed and maintained it is the beacon which draws an organisation forward towards the successful

Bags bulging for Bordeaux!

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View from the Hourcat Sud vineyard towards the 12th Century Cardan church It’s an amazing time to get back to Cardan, as we approach the longest day of the year. Long warm days, short nights and masses of time to make things happen! In short, we can’t wait to be back in Bordeaux.

Vine2Wine: Paradise springs into life!

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       South facing panorama across the Cloud9 Cabernet Franc vineyard of Hourcat Sud Cardan Bordeaux We love it! As always….. The most common questions we receive from friends, fans and customers is “How’s it going in Cardan” “What’s the news from France” “How is vintage 2012 coming along”????? Yesterday, I must have spent

Grape Moments: Increasing customer focus

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When we discuss what’s happening in our vineyard and winery, we use the label From Wine2Vine in our blog title. When we talk about the wine market, marketing and the world of wine we include the words Grape Moments. And this week is very much an update of our current activities in marketing and development

Vine2Wine: Halfway to harvest? All the news…

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Next Saturday will be the 6 month anniversary of our 2012 harvest at Cardan! Yes really! And to celebrate that success and the continued good progress of our Cloud9 Cabernet Franc and “C-3” Cabernet Merlot in the winery, we are proud to make this a vlog and launch a new video “Harvest Success in Paradise”,

Paradise Rescued to launch weekly #WineTips

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#WineTips by Paradise Rescued will launch this Thursday For the first time ever that I can recall, we will publish two blogs this week. Of course, this will use up a little more precious time but it is a great opportunity to share some of the knowledge we have gained in building our