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A short plane ride to Sydney and back is a great quiet opportunity to read through several downloaded or printed media articles.

Following up one of our Twitter messages, I checked out an article promoted by respected Hong Kong based wine journo and Master of Wine, Debra Meiburg. It was interesting to read that New Zealand has established a system of “accredited” sustainable wineries. The objective is for all NZ wineries to adopt the standard, which includes the development of environmental, social and economic best practice and is subject to audit by the independent industry body. This is a model now being followed by a number of industries in different countries around the world – the Australian Plastics and Chemicals Industry being the one that I know best. One day in the future Sustainability will be the minimum requirement for being a wine producer – even in Bordeaux. Paradise Rescued will continue to be amongst the leaders of this change.

Back in Cardan, now that the wine is stable, we have taken the decision to install the heating for the winter to protect the winery from the cold. Our recent analyses have also shown that the malolactic fermentation has not actually started – and allowing this to happen now will significantly help the logistics in our tiny winery several months into the future.

Here are the links to Debra Meiburg’s web site…
..and NZ wine..

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