Trifecta for Success – Mission Vision Passion

In discussions and presentations that I make, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is “David, what’s the key to your Paradise Rescued success?” That’s not an easy question to answer since, in reality, there are many many factors that have played a role. But when pushed to get right down to the heart of what has made our micro niche wine brand work, then a “Trifecta for Success” or three words come straight to mind: Mission Vision Passion.

The view that inspires our Mission. Springtime scene across the Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc vineyard in Cardan Bordeaux towards the 12th century village church.

It makes it sound simple, right? I wish. There is a lot more behind those three seemingly simple words. But at least they make a good straightforward banner headline, a strategic approach, in explaining the why, what and how of Paradise Rescued. In essence, it is our DNA. It very clearly defines our project and us.

As I get so many questions about this subject I realise that I will shortly have to write some more blog articles on the topic to supplement what I have already written in my book “It’s Not About the Dirt”. In this second book about Paradise Rescued and how we developed this sustainability project into a successful business model, the “Mission Vision Passion” strategy is divided and explored in three separate chapters. Here is a quick snapshot…

  1. Mission

Put quite simply, Mission is WHY?! Why are we here and what is our purpose.

For us at Paradise Rescued, it is very simple. Every new member of our team, visitor to our vineyard / winery or audience member in one of our talks gets the same resonating message.

Our Mission is to protect the heritage of the beautiful village of Cardan, France, sustain its rural community and to hand produce high quality organic wines.

When you stand in our Cabernet Franc vineyard and look west at the tiny 12th century church that overlooks the property, the reason why is very clear. Everyone can easily understand why. And alignment to the cause becomes automatic. And when we say “Failure is not an option”, it’s completely self evident why we say that.

  1. Vision

Hand cut ripe organically grown Cabernet Franc awaiting pick up to the winery at Paradise Rescued Bordeaux.

Once you know why you are doing something, then you need to know where you want to go. Vision is the WHAT in our trilogy.

One of the most important aspects of leadership is defining and communicating where a group of people are headed. My observation of people and of organisations that I have led is that people want to know where they are going and what they can do to make it happen. And most often, they want a leader to stand up and tell them where that destination is.

I have also observed the power of visual media and pictures on our behaviours. If you can capture that future Vision as an image or collage of pictures, something that we can see on a regular basis, the impact on our minds and the effect that it has on our actions is very powerful. Hence why I encourage you to build your own (picture)Vision and display it prominently within your organisation.

  1. Passion

Passion is the HOW. This is what I call the secret ingredient – in fact that’s the name of a chapter in the book! Passion is the glue, the invisible but easily felt thing that allows the Mission to be realised and the Vision accomplished. It is the internal means by which an organisation functions and includes the manner and attitude with which it all takes place.

Passion is the intangible bit that customers and stakeholders witness but can’t ever be written on the wall or web site. But it is the secret ingredient that everyone will comment on. Every time.

And when the passion is high, it feeds back again into the Mission to re-enforce why that organisation exists and its role.


“It’s Not About the Dirt” by David Stannard

Each one of these topics could be a full day’s seminar in itself and distilling it down to just a few lines of a blog does not fully do it justice. But the Trifecta for Success is clear – Mission Vision Passion. Make it happen. You can do it.

David Stannard is the Founder Director of Bordeaux niche winery brand Paradise Rescued and author of two books. David’s second book entitled “It’s not about the Dirt”, is available through Kindle on In this business story book David shares his #LeaderTips at the end of every chapter.

Paradise Rescued is the 2016 International Business Award Silver Stevie winner for Small Budget Marketing Campaign. Paradise Rescued produces and markets full varietal Bordeaux Cabernet Franc under the B1ockOne and Cloud9 brands.

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