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Zoe Wyatt, CEO Social Media ShortCut recognises Partadise Rescued as Social Media Professionals

Zoe Wyatt, CEO Social Media ShortCut recognises Paradise Rescued as Social Media Professionals

Leaders are Readers. Leaders must also be Learners.

From very early on in our short history Paradise Rescued has been strong about our commitment to creating a high-quality micro brand and that we would do that through social media marketing.

In our industry, we not unique in taking that approach but we are certainly one of a few that have a passion to do it very well and develop a brand. We have taken a strategic approach because of it’s cost-effective nature and unique opportunity to fully tell our story. We have very little history in the market to rely on, so it is best to be forward thinking. Our values and vision pull us towards quality and excellence in everything we do and therefore it would be no surprise to find us learning how to be the best also at social media marketing.

Over the final two days of last week, we’ve been studying social media marketing with some of the best in Australia and qualifying as professionals. Led by Zoe Wyatt of the Social Media ShortCut we learned a lot more than just being good Facebook’ers, enlightened tweeps or YouTube buddies. We’ve grown further and learnt about target marketing, building our brand and engaging with customers / community. Social Media for business should nowe actually be rebranded by Social Media Marketing. Its all about the marketing and business management of our brand and communicating what we do.

Yes, we are on Cloud9...where else would you rather be?

     Yes, we are on Cloud9…where else would you rather be?

The future of all business continues to evolve. Social Media is not a temporary change or phenomenon. Don’t let anyone tell you that social media is just a kids game. The world and our business markets will expect it as part of the normal of doing business.

In the future, no social media will translate as no brand. That’s not a place we want to be. So we  will continue to learn, set a new high standard for our industry and connect with our stakeholders. Social media will be our brand norm.

Presentation photo by Cassie Head.

Amazing learning by Social Media ShortCut 

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