Sam Cawthorn – Happiness starts with you!

                            Sam leads the chorus on his guitar

I am on the long flight back from Perth, where I was privileged to be asked to chair an Eventful Group Mainstream reliability engineering leadership conference with some of the best global minds and leaders in that field. It was a brilliant double event and with the quality of people taking part, it was impossible not to take one’s vision of opportunity to a new level. Truly inspiring.

And as you might have seen in last week’s blog, I was once again on track to meet and listen to Sam Cawthorn. When you get alongside someone so inspirational, things happen inside and you are left with a lasting impression and changed paradigms. Even with my apparently “legendary” optimism and positive disposition, I still found it challenging to comprehend how someone who had technically died in a road accident, lost his left arm and has more metal plates in his left leg than bones can “bounce forward” as a passionate, inspiring leader and human being.

He gave us three principles to take away and work on:-

Crisis creates an opportunity

You don’t have to have a Sam Cawthorn road accident to changes your life. Make your current dilemma a crisis and resolve to solve it urgently. Don’t bounce back, bounce forward!

Who are you hanging around with?

                   Who are you hanging around with?

Proximity is power

The people we associate with, determine who we are and how we think. If the people around you aren’t inspiring you, go find some that will.

Leverage Happiness (that creates success)

Happiness starts with a conscious decision from each of us. It is also contagious, so share it. It will change your and someone else’s life for the better.

Sam Cawthorn gets his point home on happiness

Sam Cawthorn gets his point home on happiness

Read Sam’s story and you then look at yourself in the mirror, you will understand that yes, happiness is very definitely a choice, an inside job. And it will be a decision that you never regret. Despite the pain, despite changed physical circumstances of life, Sam made that choice to “bounce forward”. It’s our choice, your choice. Happiness starts with you.

You can do it…I know you can. Thanks Sam!

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