Recipes to pair with Cabernet Franc – your ideas?


Great wine, great food, great friends – an unbeatable combination

Just a thought! Happily I have plenty of them all the time. Occasionally, I have a really good one so let’s run this one by you. For a long time, the Paradise Rescued team has been flirting with the idea of trying of proposing or suggesting food pairings for our beautiful Cabernet Franc wines.

As we discussed at length last week, CabFranc is such a food friendly wine and way more flexible in what it will work with than most people assume or know.

There are lots of supposed “rules” about what one should drink with whatever food. In reality, the only rule that actually matters is the combination that you like and what gives you the best culinary pleasure. And you don’t need to be a WSET certified sommelier nor a Master of Wine to work out which combinations work best for you. However the best wine in the world and your favourite meal do not always go together.

Nevertheless, we do get a lot of questions from fans and wine lovers about the best combinations that (we think) work for CabFranc. We do believe that if you want to get the best from a wine or food, then you have to look at the relative strengths of both as you make the pairing. What do we mean by that? Well CabFranc for instance does not make big big heavy tannic wine. So if you want to find food that will go well with it, then strong heavy rich meat casseroles are not the way to go.

Five years on - B1ockOne Bordeaux CabernetFranc - still getting better

  B1ockOne Bordeaux CabernetFranc – a wonderful food friendly wine partner

For CabFranc, think more in terms of lighter foods, roast red / white meats with a lighter sauce. Pork, veal and chicken are excellent. And if the dish has some spice or chilli that’s also a plus – surprisingly maybe! Be careful though, a full on vindaloo curry probably calls for a beer or two in my book, not wine!

We have been very pleased with the results of our #WineTips series. And we are planning more in the future as time in the graphic design office becomes available. So we would like to see if we can do something similar for dishes with CabFranc. And of course this is Paradise Rescued so we will need a hashtag to go with it. Plus we would love to hear your favourite CabFranc food combinations please.

Do you have a great Cabernet Franc friendly recipe to share with us? Even if it is someone else’s, we will be happy to recognise their contribution. We look forward to your sharing. Cheers!

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