Paradise Rescued – our Vision revisited

There is no perfect time to review and refresh a vision, but when you have passed the expiry date on the current one, that’s a good hint to stop, have a good hard look and think about the future.

B1ockOne varietal Bordeaux Cabernet Franc

B1ockOne varietal Bordeaux Cabernet Franc

Our first Paradise Rescued Vision has been a key document in our history and development. Designed and launched in mid-2009, it has been a critical guiding strategic picture in the evolution of our small wine company. The English version sits above the office desk in Melbourne HQ and French version in the main work and living area in Cardan, Bordeaux. It has been our single biggest reference from concept vineyard to small successful business.

I can recall on a number of occasions when critical decisions were needed, how easy it was to make those decisions and the answers were almost always written on the Vision document. It has been a powerful beacon for us.

So why the need to change and have a new one? Firstly, the first document is 4 years old and given that it was created four years ago before we had even produced a single bunch of grapes, a high level strategic review was an appropriate leadership step.

Brand Paradise Rescued - front and centre

Brand Paradise Rescued – front and centre

But more interestingly, the amount of change has been relatively small. Paradise Rescued is now central to the picture as it has become our company, it carries our logo and it is becoming a micro brand. The two biggest “game changers” have been the purchase of the Hourcat Centre block for Merlot which has re-enforced – with 2012’s tiny but brilliant harvest – what an amazing opportunity we have ahead to create superb wine. But more importantly has been the recognition that we are now creating a brand and that we want that to be the central pillar of both our sales and marketing portal and overall direction in everything we do.

Our values and commitment remain unchanged in the Vision and are now formally integrated into brand Paradise Rescued. You will see subtle changes with respect to our target markets, our full focus on CabFranc and Merlot, a step up from Organic to biodynamic viticulture and a strengthened commitment to social media marketing. We believe that that our Paradise Rescued Vision 2020 will take us to a new level of quality and excellence across all aspects of our business. Accordingly, we are proud to share it with our partners and customers.

Our Paradise Rescued 2020 Vision

Our Paradise Rescued 2020 Vision

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