Paradise Rescued is a project?

Brand Paradise Rescued continues to grow. Trademark protection has been filed.

The beauty of our brand logo continually inspires us to drive our Project forward

It happens more often than not in France when I am talking about Paradise Rescued that I call it a projet or ‘project’! It always resonates well with our French friends and neighbours.

But why do we like to call it a project? I have never thought about it until recently when someone asked! But I think it is a good way to look at what we are trying to achieve. A lot of different resources from around the world have to come together to make it happen. To make a business sustainable, there is a fairly long timeline that requires continued planning, re-assessment of priorities and persistent teamwork.

I also like the term project as it distinguishes us from “something that has already arrived”. We most certainly aren’t “there” yet (by a long way), nor I hope will we ever be. If we ever think that we have “made it”, then we are in trouble, our Vision will not be big enough and we will not be developing as a team or organisation.


  Our International Silver Stevie Award 2013 – gave us the belief to really start the journey, not stop!

It also signifies and reminds us that we can never take it easy. Too much focus on today’s short term success will distract us from achieving tomorrow’s goal and realising the bigger picture ahead. Yesterday’s good result is no guarantee for success tomorrow. A continual improvement plan with new goals is required to make the necessary progress.

I loved posting Zig Ziglar’s famous quote to our Facebook page today which reads “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey”! I couldn’t agree more. Project Paradise Rescued is a journey. A journey based around a Mission, Vision and passion to create something very special and sustainable.

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