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“The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision.” –  Helen Keller

The view from Hourcat Sud that continues to inspire our dream and vision.

                         The view from the Hourcat Sud Cabernet Franc block that continues to inspire our dream and vision every day.

As most of our regular readers already know, the boss of Paradise Rescued is passionate about his Vision, helping others develop theirs and transforming dreams into reality.

I find it an amusing truism that when you buy your new hot red car – I haven’t yet incidentally – and take it out on the road for the first time, suddenly everyone else seems to have the same colour or model of car! How can that be? Quite simply your brain reprograms itself to focus on something different and in a new way. What we can see, or what we believe we can see, is very important in our minds and how internal psychology functions. Seemingly impossible things can be achieved as soon as we can “visualise” an outcome in our own minds. We are drawn towards that compelling image.

Cloud9  ultra boutique Bordeaux 100% varietal Cabernet Franc

Cloud9 ultra boutique Bordeaux 100% varietal Cabernet Franc

This explains why it is critical to have a Vision – either personal or organisational. And most importantly why we have to work so hard to convert those dreams, those moments of future happiness and achievement, into a Vision that can pull us through the tough times but nevertheless maintain a constant beacon of inspiration about the future reality.

Over the last few weeks, there has almost been an explosion of Vision quotes and pictures across the social media and I have spent a good few minutes on different pages and profiles talking about how Paradise Rescued has been impacted by our Vision. As with any project, new venture, business and our own lives, there has been a good deal of luck (and misfortune) in building the first phase of Paradise Rescued. There have been many successes, often unexpected like our recent Stevie International Business Award, and plenty of disappointments that we have learnt from but quickly removed from our daily dialogue. But quite simply the guiding force, the beacon, the rock that continues to pull us forward is the Vision – a simple single sheet document that captures in pictures and a few words what Paradise Rescued will look like in the future. Whether we deliberately look at it every day or not, it is still there subconsciously working its magic into our daily actions and decisions.

Our Paradise Rescued 2020 Vision

Our Paradise Rescued 2020 Vision

We recently updated our Vision with a horizon time of 2020. Naturally we reviewed the original Vision to see what we had achieved and how much was relevant to take forward into the future. It was a humbling experience; what we had achieved so far looked almost exactly like what was on our Vision picture. Possibly the only regret is that we didn’t dream bigger…but everyone always says that!! And we will probably say it again when we reflect once more in 7 years time. The old adage in life reads “Be careful what you wish for” – maybe we should change that to “Be careful what you envision”!

As Skip Ross so brilliantly says: “ Get a clear mental picture of what you want, fill it with emotion and drive on!” Go paint your Vision everyone!

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