Our Christmas wish

The Paradise Rescued boys are already into the Christmas spirit

The Paradise Rescued boys are already into the Christmas spirit! Can we have a “please explain” ?

It’s Christmas Eve – well at least where I am siting and writing! To be really honest, there is not much remaining that needs to be said for this year; we have written enough! But just one message remains for me to sincerely pass on.

Paradise Rescued only succeeds in our unique format and manner because of three wonderful groups of people.

Firstly, our customers, fans and supporters across the world. Early next year, we anticipate having our Cabernet Franc wine distributed and selling into one small corner of the United States. Another corner of the world can join in this incredible project. Hundreds of people everywhere support Paradise Rescued through their social media “likes” and follows and continual stream of encouragement. Customers buy our wine and call for more. We love that!

Next, our community support and desire to help the project along in any way possible is an inspiration to us. Without your approval and efforts, Paradise Rescued would not be sustainable. It works because you want it to work. Cardan, Bordeaux – we love and thank you.

We bottled off the 2013 CabFranc with pride - huge success.

Bottled with pride – 2013 Cabernet Franc.  Two years of making in this success

Thirdly, never last, leading from the front is Team Paradise Rescued itself. With skills ranging from precise viticultural pruning, harvesting, daily wine making management, brand design, marketing, distribution, a good number of different people in several countries and many cities with diverse cultures give their time to help creating something of value and unique – a wine, a vineyard, a brand, a story still being written. You deserve the praise because of what you contribute. Congratulations again on creating another year of amazing history and success. You are the best – thank you!

To all of the above and everyone, anywhere, we wish you a safe and happy Christmas with your families. That’s our Christmas wish. Enjoy….

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