Paradise Rescued now certified organic

The architect and passionate engineer of the Organic project – Paradise Rescued vigneronne Pascale Bervas

The news this week is big. And official! From this 2017 vintage onwards, Paradise Rescued has been certified organic. Our certificate is officially here and as soon as we have a suitable frame and the power drill organised, the Ecocert certifying body Certificate will be proudly displayed in our Cardan, Bordeaux winery.

As a micro vineyard and niche international wine brand this is a significant milestone for Paradise Rescued and its small dedicated team. Founder Director David Stannard told us “This is one of our greatest achievements so far. I put this on the same level as our two Stevie International Business Awards and our first wine medal win. It is also a testament of our commitment to the sustainability of our community and organisation.” And he continued with his praise for the Paradise Rescued team in Bordeaux. “I congratulate our vigneronne Pascale Bervas with the Cardan team for her personal commitment, dedication and hard work.”

To achieve organic status, a number of exacting criteria had to be met or exceeded in both our vineyard and winery. These criteria are set according to an international standard and assessed / audited by a recognised approved certifying body. Every aspect of our vineyard operations was scrutinised and all documentation of vine treatments inspected for compliance. In the winery every aspect of the fermentation and maturation process is checked to ensure that it is organic, even including the material of construction and processing methods.

To “become organic” and classify ones wines as certified organic is not a quick overnight process. Paradise Rescued made a conscious decision from day one (2010) in the vineyard to operate organically in order to meet our sustainability criteria to manage a vineyard inside a small community. Once established as a successful ongoing operation, we made the decision to achieve certification. The certification takes a year of preplanning and three years of so-called conversion before finally receiving the certification – providing you pass the audits!

Here it is! Paradise Rescued Organic Certification

Starting with vintage 2017 onwards (and subject to recertification audits every two years from now on) Paradise Rescued can now officially call its wines organic and label our bottles as such using the approved international symbols. This will add a further tier to our reputation as a high quality Bordeaux wine producer. And at the same time, set a strong baseline from which to continue the improvement of our vineyard and ultimately our wines.

In the very near future, David Stannard has agreed to a Q&A blog interview on why and how Paradise Rescued achieved organic status. Bookmark the Paradise Rescued blog at or better still join Club Paradise Rescued and be amongst the first to receive our news and updates from around the world.

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