Optimism, pessimism or realism?

We have a lot of media happening at the moment and sadly not enough time to translate it into French. But we will get there for our French friends too!!

Cardan 12th Century Church

Looking across the Cloud9 Cabernet Franc vineyard towards Cardan’s 12th Century Church

If you had never met us or heard of Paradise Rescued prior to reading this then you will know immediately from the first two sentences that we are optimists. To be quite straightforward, if we hadn’t been optimistic our village in beautiful Cardan Bordeaux France would look very different today. Our friends and neighbours would no longer have a beautiful vineyard and view across to the 12th century church on the hill. Brand Paradise Rescued with its lovely logo and unique organically produced Cloud9 Cabernet Franc would not exist. As a family, we would probably have sold up and left the village and the experience of a lifetime would have been lost.

Paradise Rescued - Cloud9 Cabernet Franc Bordeaux Supérieur

Paradise Rescued – Cloud9 Cabernet Franc Bordeaux Supérieur

We first took a snapshot of the realism of the situation – from a financial, legal, viticultural, sustainable and commercial standpoint. There were as many reasons why it wouldn’t succeed as to why it would – that is still true today as it was 3½ years ago although we have turned many difficult situations to our advantage. The pessimists still try and convince us that organic viticulture doesn’t work!! It’s growing faster than ever across France and the world now and we are right of the front of those developments. They told us that we would never find anyone to look after a small vineyard and winery. Then Pascale Bervas arrived and we now have a complete network of micro vineyard and winery services helping us maintain a thriving ecosystem in our vineyard and produce excellent handcrafted wines. They laughed at us when we said we would use social media as out marketing platform – now they call us to ask if we will help them! And a village community that helps and advises us at every opportunity!

One of the best summaries that I have seen of late comes from the The Pacific Institute’s Winner’s Circle network blog and I quote…“The pessimist has an external locus of control and views the world as a victim. The pessimist mindset is one “It’s all about me”. On the other hand, the optimist has an internal locus of control, takes control of the situation at hand and sets about making better things happen.”

Pascale inspects the results of her organic work in the vineyard.

Pascale inspects the results of her organic work in the vineyard.

The general throw back comment I get from most people is “Oh well David, you were born that way, it’s alright for you!” If you lived where I lived as a young person, optimism was almost impossible and most of the realism was negatively viewed! None of us are born one way or the other. We simply allow ourselves to develop that paradigm based on how we interpret the world around us. Which leads me to the final line….. Anyone one of us can choose today to adopt a positive optimistic attitude in how we approach our lives and how we communicate.

Only then does the phrase “We’re on Cloud9” start to have meaning…just try it for a week and see what it does for you! Have a great one…you can do it!

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  1. Karen April 22, 2013 at 11:41 pm - Reply

    We are very glad indeed for your continued optimism and ability to effect real and lasting change in a sometimes wearied world. Keep on shining! 🙂

    • David April 25, 2013 at 8:54 am - Reply

      Thank you Karen. We always said we would lead by example and we will continue our best to do so no matter what the challenges. Thank you for your leadership and support in a similar vein – it’s always nice to know that we have friends from whom we can always borrow wisdom and encouragement, in those times when things decide not to follow the plan!

      Bonne continuation…..David

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