“Its Not About the Dirt”: From a Thought to a Clear Picture

This week I released my new (second) book entitled “It’s Not About the Dirt”. In the book, the Paradise Rescued continues but with a difference. This time the book – one of the few leadership / business / entrepreneurial books to be written in Australia – has a slightly different focus. Yes, the Paradise Rescued story continues and goes from strength to strength. But this time, I go behind the scenes sharing many of our stories (both good and bad) and consequent learning, pulling from more than 35 years of business leadership and experience across the world. Each chapter concludes with quick takeaway leadership learning gems entitled #LeaderTips.

Vision is more than a dream

Vision is (much much) more than a dream!

This week, as an introductory highlight, I bring you an excerpt from ‘Chapter 11 – Vision is More Than a Dream’.

American businessman and author Napoleon Hill was made famous (amongst many things) for his quote “What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”

Here’s the excerpt from Chapter 11….


From a Thought to a Clear Picture

What Napoleon Hill was trying to tell us is that if we can see the future in our own thoughts and we can somehow hold onto to it – in other words we believe it – then (and only then) can we actually achieve it.

The process has to work in reverse from normal human logic. 

Roger Bannister's commemorative plaque in Oxford England - Wikipedia

Roger Bannister’s commemorative plaque in Oxford England – Wikipedia

Roger Bannister was the first human being in the world recorded to have run a mile in less than four minutes. He achieved this amazing feat on May 6th 1954 and officially became the world’s first sub four-minute miler. Within a matter of weeks more than a dozen other runners had also achieved the same milestone. But how could it be that it took mankind until the mid-20th Century to achieve this for the first time, but then immediately after, many others were capable of the same thing? Because now that it had been achieved, they no longer had to be convinced that it was even possible. They could see it! It no longer required imagination or visualisation! It wasn’t a dream any more. It had become real.

The problem with dreams is that they are often short lived and life is busy. Whether you were once fighting off woolly mammoths outside your cave or now doing battle with a rival competitor in business, the distractions are constant. Today’s great idea rapidly becomes tomorrow’s ‘lost dream’. Over time, those losses add up to a point where we even lose faith in our own ability to dream any longer or believe that anything positive can happen.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If only we can empower those dreams and ideas – to give them permanent wings! Unfortunately dreams don’t come with a starter kit! That’s where we have to cross from inspiration to perspiration.

We have to be able to take those amazing thoughts and ideas then create them into consistent pictures in our mind, which will drive our human effort and invention forward. We need to take that bad beginning and make it an empowering beacon. >>

At the end of each chapter in the book, I provide a number of #LeaderTips. One of the tips from this chapter is:-

Now available - David Stannard's new book Its Not About the Dirt

Now available – David Stannard’s new book Its Not About the Dirt

“Get a clear idea of what you want the future to look like. Convert that idea into a picture or physical image.”

Remember my quote:- “A dream that has no #vision is like a bottle of #wine without a glass. It’s potential cannot be realised.”

Create a clear picture – a (picture)Vision of what you want. Put it somewhere you will look at it every day. Give it some passion and watch it grow.


David Stannard is the Founder Director of niche sustainability winery and brand Paradise Rescued. David has been a senior business leader in the petrochemical industry for the last 35 years in the UK, Europe and Australia. Paradise Rescued is a two time Silver Stevie International Business Award winner – 2013 & 2016.

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