Why Failure is NOT an Option

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Nature consistently refuses to acknowledge failure. There is always a way forward

When I first published this blog, I was just starting to write the first chapter of my second book “It’s Not About the Dirt“. Although now this book is seen much more as a small business leaders book rather than a continuation of the Paradise Rescued story, it was nevertheless our ongoing journey. I didn’t set out to create a dramatic entry for the book. The story of our 2011 vintage was real and painful. But nevertheless for us: Failure is NOT an option.

And as the basis for the Paradise Rescued project is the sustainability and heritage of our small village, no matter how many knock-backs we get, we must move forward again with purpose and conviction.

In that first chapter, we openly and honestly tackle the lows (and highs) of what has been our passion and sustainable business over the last seven plus years, identifying a couple of very significant moments when things didn’t go to plan. At the time they were very major events. We don’t talk about them much more as a team although they are constantly in the back of our minds as a reminder of the price we had to pay for not getting it right first time.

Let’s not muck around here. Bad news sells- right? But only for a short period of time. There will be times when things don’t go either as we wish or plan. That’s a guarantee! Bad times, events, moments, people will happen! But these have nothing to do with you, your business or both being a failure. The key is how we look at those events, use them, learn from them and move ahead more strongly.

As human beings and business leaders, we can take away all manner of learning from such moments. Either positive or negative! It’s all about the way that we look at those events and “frame” them in our minds. If we choose to tell ourselves and our people that it was a disaster and that we failed, then guess what? We will probably succeed in classifying the event and ourselves as failures.

When a baby learns to walk, does she / he fall over a few times? Of course – many many times! Does that baby give up? No, she / he learns to adapt the new learning and fine-tune the process of walking. The rate of success is extremely high!

It’s Not About the Dirt – David Stannard’s business story of award winning brand Paradise Rescued

In “It’s Not About the Dirt“, we talk honestly about how one particular (potentially business terminating) event has propelled us to a new higher level business model and technical competency. Effectively, we choose to look at that event as a (very big) opportunity to learn how to significantly improve the quality and performance of one of our key business processes. We made those changes quickly and our business looks a whole lot different (and better) today. Our winery operates significantly better today and produces much better wine. All Thanks to that one “event”!

Some people seem to enjoy using that “fail” word either as a means of criticising others (in order to make themselves feel stronger) or as a means of martyrdom – the poor little old me syndrome. In reality we can all choose how to look at any moment and derive positive change and improvement from it.

We don’t believe that there is any such thing as failure. Only an opportunity. That’s why our motto reads “Failure is NOT an option”.

Paradise Rescued is the 2016 International Business Award Silver Stevie winner for Small Budget Marketing Campaign. Paradise Rescued produces and markets full varietal Bordeaux Cabernet Franc under the B1ockOne and Cloud9 brands.

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