“Its Not About the Dirt”: The Value of Failing….

In my recently released book “It’s Not About the Dirt”, I have opened in a strong manner. Not controversially, but reasonably full on. Chapter One is entitled “Success is Built on Failures”. No matter how well we plan or implement a project, challenges and failures occur. It’s how we respond to those events that will determine our eventual success. Paradise Rescued had a good few to learn and in the book, I share how the team used those moments as a platform to build future success.

Success has been achieved after many setbacks. The Paradise Rescued Bordeaux Merlot vineyard.


The Value of Failing

As we build businesses or tackle any major goal, vision or event, it is important to realise that there will be unforeseen errors, unpleasant events, natural or human aided disasters or downright failures. Dress them up any way you like, call them what you want but they will happen! No one has accomplished anything significant on this planet without having had a good number of major setbacks from which they have had to pick themselves up, get back on track again and move ahead.

David Stannard Founder Director Paradise Rescued with the 2016 Silver Stevie International Business Award.

David Stannard Founder Director Paradise Rescued with the 2016 Silver Stevie International Business Award.

Whilst I don’t want for anyone to experience failure to the point of having to stop trying to achieve your objectives, I do wish that you encounter some significant setbacks and obstacles that help you question your strategy and determination. Only through the adversity, the struggle and your strength of leadership can you really succeed. If we never did any work to achieve our goals and success arrived ‘free of charge’, there wouldn’t be a word for success. Nor any stories worth listening to. Life would be so easy that we, as a race, probably wouldn’t even exist and we would not know the depth of our human potential.

To many readers, our whole project and goals may appear quite mad? That’s the beauty of a dream and the possibility of doing and achieving something so unique and valuable – in our eyes. The brilliance of youth is that you lack fear and sense. The wisdom of increasing maturity is that you can hopefully apply some gained experience throughout the journey, providing you don’t then lose the courage to ever begin.

I was lucky during a personal ‘lost period’ of my life to have read a lot of inspirational leadership material which had centered me well for the journey ahead. I didn’t realise it at the time. In “From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc” I wrote about becoming very serious in ‘finding myself’; that slow period of thought and resilience building had prepared me well for the Paradise Rescued project.

We knew that we would hit a number of problems – maybe not as big as this one – but big enough anyway, such that a lot of resilience would be called for. Naturally as the leader, if I crumbled and gave up at the first sign of trouble, that would have been a career-ending step for the project. I knew how much personal commitment a few amazing people had put in up until that stage. Letting them down would not have been acceptable. Letting myself down would have defined my life poorly. Our motto is “Failure is not an option”


Its Not About the Dirt

Make sure in your life, your business that you make make that that your motto – “Failure is not an option”.


David Stannard is the Founder Director of niche sustainability winery and brand Paradise Rescued. David has been a senior business leader in the petrochemical industry for the last 35 years in the UK, Europe and Australia. Paradise Rescued is a two time Silver Stevie International Business Award winner – 2013 & 2016.

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