Is it worth it?

One of the greatest rewards - Pascale our vigneronne

                 One of our greatest rewards – Pascale our vigneronne

Yes, it’s another of those curious but frequently asked Paradise Rescued questions – “David, is it really worth all this effort?” And I am always intrigued by the motive for the question. Which I rarely get to discover, by the way!

It’s strange really, I never look back and think that was hard or consumed a lot of time. I occasionally get a sobering moment of pride and humility about what a small team of dedicated people can, has and will achieve. But I have never ever thought of it in terms of what others or I have contributed. Nor have I thought about what else I could have done with the time and money invested. It always seems so natural. We have a strong Mission, a why to fulfil and we know that any small lapse in effort or concentration would ultimately see our vineyards be consumed as part of a growing rural suburbia.

Nothing of value is created without a contribution or sacrifice of some sort, be it personal financial or human. To achieve and make things happen, a consistent direction purpose and effort must be expended. Things don’t happen in our world by snapping our fingers.

We continually focus very much on what we should and have to do next, rather than reflect on how far we have come. We might like to alter a couple of things in our history but it’s too late for that so we have to look to the future and what we can do to shape and improve that. We continue to build on the Mission and Vision that we have established.

Hourcat Sud CabFranc 2009  onwards - it is worth it!

 The view across Hourcat Sud CabFranc in 2009 (and onwards) – it is definitely worth it!

The greatest reward and gift for us is watching our people and community grow. When we started, most of us knew very little about how to run a vineyard, winery, business, marketing, etc. We still have masses more to learn and lots more personal growth to realise. And then when you look over the beautiful vineyards towards the 12th century Cardan church and imagine what it might now have looked like if we hadn’t done what we did. It feels rewarding.

Has it been hard? I haven’t really noticed. Was it worth it? Oh, absolutely yes! Next question please…

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