If you believe, they can achieve!

Book cover: My Journey - Jim Stynes

Book cover: My Journey – Jim Stynes

I say it every time that I travel long distance….but I just love that opportunity to read and learn about leaders and leadership. If you told me 35 years ago that today I would be such a passionate reader, I would have laughed! Apart the required English and French literature exam syllabus requirements and the smallest possible number of engineering college course books, I read nothing. I can’t remember who wrote the phrase nor where I read it but “Leaders are readers” and “If you want to lead, you have to learn to read”. I wish I had appreciated that wisdom a few decades back. I am making up for lost time now….

So on the journey this time I am half way through “ My journey – Jim Stynes”, where the late Jim Stynes quotes his own words from the reception area wall of Reach – the youth empowerment organisation he founded and led for a number of years prior to his premature death. It reads as follows:-

“I truly believe that every person, especially young people, has unlimited potential and that we all have a unique ‘voice’ that wants to be heard. Deep down, behind all the bullshit, we want to be ourselves and when young people are given an opportunity to express themselves, they can achieve whatever they want, and they can have all the love happiness and success they require. Very often this process starts simply by someone believing in them.”

Great words. As a leader (I hope), I see amazing potential every day – usually far more talented and skilled than myself. And the words that we can use to start that growth and self belief are very simple – “You can do it. I believe in you” As you take a look at the Paradise Rescued Vision and Values, you will see that this is built into our culture. We started from nothing and we all knew very little. And yes, we all have a huge amount more to learn – but we are on our way!

Jim Stynes 1966 - 2012         phafl.com.au

Jim Stynes 1966 – 2012                 phafl.com.au

But “Wait” I hear you leaders shout, “”That’s all right for the others, who is going to encourage me, the leader?” I encourage everyone at whatever level of leadership you are, to find a support network group of like minded positive optimistic encouragers, a good personal or business coach and make some great friends.

And by the way, although Jim was focussed on youth, everything above applies to all of us no matter what age.

You can do it, everybody! Really.

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