How Twitter helps build brand Paradise Rescued

Twitter has been a great promotional tool for brand Paradise Rescued

There is a lot of discussion in the wine media of recent regarding the use and effectiveness of Social Media in marketing and selling wine. We aren’t shy about the fact that social media is one of our key marketing strategies. Why? Because for a small start-up organisation, it offers a very cost effective, level playing field platform to establish and promote our brand presence. And certainly in our mind it is doing that very nicely and accelerating daily as our name circulates.

There seems to be an incredible belief everywhere that by having a Twitter account or Facebook page then suddenly the fans will arrive out of nowhere and cases of wine will effortlessly fly out of the warehouse to their new customers. We all wish that was the case but it isn’t nor will it ever be. Social Media has added an extra dimension to mainstream traditional marketing which will enable committed companies to engage more strongly with their customers and to openly share their progress in creating a loyal community.

Paradise Rescued – creating a quality wine micro-brand.

We love our web site and Facebook page and we thank all of you who have given us such positive feedback and encouragement. The media we like right now is Twitter. Our web site Google analytics show an increasing number of hits coming from that source and better still when they come, they come back and look at multiple pages. Twitter is a unique media for finding new points of influence, support and customers. I can cite up to 20 names of new contacts that we would never have known about if it weren’t for Twitter.

And a final observation to finish. Social Media is just a part of an overall marketing strategy for us aimed at creating a quality micro-brand. It has to fit within the framework of our overall business plan and goals. Remember too that Social Media has a science to it – as do most parts of marketing. All the numbers matter and I’m not just talking fans! If Social Media isn’t working for you, get professional support and integrate it into your marketing strategy. Hey, Tweeps let’s get tweeting….I’ll #hashtag to that one, thank you #Cloud9 #Bordeaux #CabFranc #CabMerlot #Organic….LOL! 🙂

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