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        Paradise Rescued kraft bag and designer cork keyring

It’s a popular topic right now to give Facebook a hard time on social media about their revised algorithm and recent skew towards increasing advertising revenue. They have created this amazing wonderful free communication platform that we all use and now they want a piece of the rewards! Interesting..

The common complaint of course and feedback we get from our fans and clients is:- “What happened to Paradise Rescued, where have you gone?” Firstly can I re-assure you that we are right there as always and our marketing strategy remains very focussed around social media. Whilst many companies have recently opted out but left their now inactive pages up there for all to see, we are very much building our presence. What has changed is how Facebook in particular feeds out the information to you. And we can see that our exposure has also altered dramatically.

So given that you have come this far to listen to what we want to say, let’s pass on a couple of tips to enable you to connect more often. And thank you as always for the support…

Subscribe today to get the Paradise Rescued newsletter... see below!

Subscribe below to get the Paradise Rescued newsletter… now!

Firstly, the best place to get the best news is from our monthly newsletter. This is a much more private forum, this is where we share everything with our customers and most loyal fans. This is the place where we share the hot news first and sometimes the only place. Click the link here and subscribe today – get the inside track at Paradise Rescued.

Secondly, yes we are proud of our Facebook page and we have achieved good rankings as testimony to our customer and fan support. If you want to hear our news daily, we suggest a couple of options….

A: Go to your Profile and hit <Home> (top right area next to your name). On the left hand side you will see the list of tabs. Click <Pages>. All the feeds from the pages you have liked can be seen here. Now you may have quite a lot of feeds here so let’s look at option B…

B: Still on the Home page, move down the list of tabs until you come to the section headed <FRIENDS>. Click on <FRIENDS> and up will come a catalogue of your Friends List. Click on <+Create List> and enter a name say Paradise Rescued. Don’t enter any members, press <Create>. Up will come your new list. Towards the top right of the page you will see a <Manage List> tab, click it and then <Edit List>. In the pop-up window click <On this List> tab and then <Pages>. Scroll down the list of images of your liked Pages until you get to Paradise Rescued. Click the image and then <Finish>. Back over on the left hand side of the page, you will now have a Paradise Rescued tab – click it and you will have all our media!

Sorry it is a bit long-winded…good things are often a little harder to come by!! And you’re right, I don’t write the code for Facebook! Hope this helps to deliver the news better and faster and keeps on #Cloud9 along with us. Enjoy!

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