Honestly, where are you going?

Even in mid winter the growoing health of the old / new Merlot block is evident.

We have a clear vision, plan and goals for the regeneration of our Merlot block

“If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?” “If you have no idea where you’re going, you will end up where you are headed” read the popular smarty personal development lines. When we hear them, we laugh and make a cynical joke to the person next to us and walk on with our lives. Many business owners and managers do the same!

It’s called ‘abdication’ of our lives to everyone else. We just let life happen, all based on the misbelief that we have no control over what can happen to us so why attempt to even try and determine our futures. And then we get to a certain point and exclaim, “It’s too late now!” The reality is that can all make a significant contribution to our futures and direction of our lives if we both want to and are prepared to take responsibility for it.

Oh, I agree neither you nor I may not be able to stop that next storm cell or life changing event from arriving tomorrow. There may be a few items that are directly out of our control. But a very significant majority is actually within our control and can be determined by having a plan, a goal or vision of what you want to have happen in your life.

Here is a very simple technique you can apply to making a plan or setting a goal.

Yes - we are most definately on Cloud9

Cloud9 works well for us, but what cloud are you aiming for? It’s your choice…

Write it down. Yes that’s it! Let me say it again. Write it down. Write down, draw a picture make a symbol somewhere about what you want to achieve and have happen. Put it somewhere where you will regularly be or see. Then ensure that you look at it daily.

We have all heard those people joke about how they have cut out a picture of something they wanted to have, posted it on their board and several years later it was realised. It will take work and probably some time. But then it’s your life, no one else’s? Right? Do you want mediocre or the best.

Get a clear plan, write it down, fill it with emotion and move ahead. The power of vision.

Mission Vision Passion. Let’s make it happen….

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