Homeward bound – do I really have to?


Paradise Rescued winery Cardan Bordeaux from the west, looking across the Hourcat Centre Merlot block.

Just 12 hours ago I was siting here on the westerly facing kitchen terrace in Cardan with our friends enjoying the last of the warm evening sun and great company. Saying goodbye, even if it is only “see you soon” is still not much fun.

I have spent many a good blog page here teaching that our minds and thinking control our actions and feelings and not vice versa. My heart is testing that theory again today – as it always does when I prepare to leave this wonderful place. So today I need to take a dose of my own discipline medicine!

Our Club Paradise Rescued newsletter went out yesterday. Over the next few weeks I will share some of its contents (of course leaving a few exclusive bits untouched for the benefit of our Club members)! I did share the fact that I had been apprehensive (as I always am) about arriving in Cardan; never quite knowing what surprises might be waiting for me and requiring serious attention.


  All smiles from the boss outside the Winery having just tasted the 2014 wines

I really should not have worried. Our team, our community, our vineyards and our wine are all in top form. Certainly the vineyards are in the best form that I have ever seen. You don’t need to be a viticultural engineer to see their vigour and energy – the direct result of a sustained period of hard work from Pascale and the vineyard operations team.

Did I mention the wine? There is a long still to go until the wines are blended and bottled off. But if the small tasting I had is anything to go by, we will have a lot to write about on these pages in the years to come. But you will have to wait a while longer for a full story

At least it is only “See you soon” rather than “Goodbye”. Until harvest time – can’t wait! Back again soon….


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