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I have been recently reminder on a couple of occasions that “room temperature” is a very poor measure of temperature for a red wine in a warm climate! And I feel the need to put a small correction into the thinking of our customers and red wine lovers in order to ensure that they can get the best possible experience from our wines.

Four vintages of Paradise Rescued Cabernet Francs on the tasting table

Four vintages of Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc on the tasting table

Last Thursday, I was honoured to give a keynote address at the inaugural Best Practice Network National Operational Excellence Summit at Melbourne Airport. It was great to share some of our story as I explained how having a Vision had significantly shaped the current achievements and future direction of Paradise Rescued. What we achieve over the next 5+ years has effectively already been put on paper and our job now is to make that plan come into being.

I was also lucky enough to host a tasting of our wine and, specifically here in Australia, that means our 2010 Bordeaux Cloud9 Cabernet Franc. As anybody in the wine trade will understand, organising any tasting event outside of one’s own cellar or home storage base is not an easy logistical matter. And particularly during summer time in a warm climate – yes even Melbourne! I took the bottles from the wine cooler storage as I left in the morning, loading them vertically (a nice way to ensure the sediment re-deposits at the bottom of the bottle) into my wheeled insulated wine transportation box. Luck was on my side; the wine was completely stunning – starting to get towards its peak in the next year or so.

What I also noticed was that its cool temperature (from the cooler) had been pretty well maintained in the box through out the day. It was a little cooler than room temperature so the nose and taste showcased its fruit and complexity without being dominated by the alcohol. I have also had a similar experience recently working with some wonderful clients of ours in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

I was starting to get the picture. So-called room temperature relates to rooms in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere. We need to get more specific about red wines being served in warmer and hot climates. They shouldn’t be chilled cold like white wines but if they taste warm in the mouth, they are too warm to really let the drinker appreciate them at their best.

The Paradise Rescued vision led directly to the development of varietal B1ockOne Bordeaux Cabernet Franc.

Drink Paradise Rescued B1ockOne and Cloud9 Cabernet Franc at 16C / 65F.

I know most of us don’t carry thermometers around with us ready to taste that perfect glass of red wine. But my recommendation for Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc or one of our future CabFrancMerlot blends is 16C / 65F. A little (or more) below warm room temperature. And yes if you need to put it into the fridge for 2o minutes, that’s fine – it is much easier to warm it up again in the glass and enjoy the flavours it offers than try the opposite.

Keep your red wines cool. Cheers!

You can also read some more in our #WineTips Serving Temperature.

Please note:- In the USA Paradise Rescued 100% varietal Cabernet Franc is branded and sold under the name of B1ockOne.

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